Monday, December 30, 2013

{update} Missing right whales start to appear!

It has been a very unusual year for right whale distribution, and they have been absent from their usual feeding grounds in the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine for much of the year.  Even though it's only been a few whales so far, I am excited to see them starting to show up in Cape Cod Bay where they typically feed from December to April each year! We saw two right whales feeding in Cape Cod Bay on our way in from a right whale aerial survey with the Northeast Fisheries Science Center yesterday, and soon the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies will begin their fine-scale right whale surveys in the Bay.
The right whales are also starting to be spotted by the aerial survey teams from Sea to Shore Alliance and Florida Fish and Wildlife Institute in the southeastern breeding grounds off the coast of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.  So far there has only been one new calf seen, but hopefully 2014 will bring many more.

You can track the latest trends in right whale distribution on our interactive Google map at

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