Sunday, May 16, 2010

{Press} Rescuers save right whale off Cape Cod | Sean Teehan | May 15, 2010

"Rescuers disentangled a distressed right whale from about 150 feet of heavy rope off Cape Cod this week, the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies said.

Federal marine scientists making an aerial survey first sighted the whale in the Great South Channel on Thursday about 60 miles east of Chatham, the center said in a statement.

When a team from the center arrived, the concern “wasn’t the amount of rope, it was how tight it was” wrapped around the whale, said Scott Landry, director of the center's Marine Animal Entanglement Response team.

After multiple attempts, the team cut all the rope as the whale struggled to get away from its rescuers.

If the center hadn’t responded, Landry said, “At best, the whale would have lost the greater part of its tail. At worst, it would have died of infection.” However, he added, the whale still has to nurse its own wounds to avoid infection.

Although his team successfully helped the whale, Landry urged anyone who sees an entangled whale to call the center or the Coast Guard rather than attempt a rescue on their own.

“The animal had no idea we were trying to help him," Landry said. "When a wild animal doesn’t want your help, it’s extremely dangerous."

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