Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Right Whale Population Estimate = 438

Right Whale News 17(4): 3-4

"At the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium Meeting, 17-18 November 2009, New Bedford, Massachusetts, the tradition of presenting the “North Atlantic right whale report card” was continued. In past years, the information on population status, reproduction, mortalities, entanglements, vessel strikes, and survey efforts was largely informal and for the information of Consortium members. However, based on the desire and the need to more widely provide the best available information, the report for the period 1 November 2007 to 30 April 2009 was presented to the International Whaling Commission’s Scientific Committee as Paper # SC/61/BRG11, and subsequently posted on the Consortium’s website ( under the Resources tab and then the Publications tab. Additionally, the 2009 Annual Report Card Addendum for the period 1 May through 31 October 2009 is posted on the website.The report card and the addendum provide current and comprehensive information on the consortium, research activities, and the essential population parameters. Among the information presented is that in 2008, the best estimate of catalogued North Atlantic right whales was 438 individuals."

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