Friday, November 27, 2009

New England Aquarium names ‘Palmetto’ whale

By Associated Press | November 27, 2009

"CHARLESTON, S.C. — A huge right whale with a distinctive white knob on her head that shows up off the South Carolina coast every few years now has an official name, "Palmetto."

The Post and Courier of Charleston reported Friday that the New England Aquarium has granted the wish of some South Carolina elementary school children to name the whale for the state’s symbolic tree.

The New England Aquarium catalogues individual whales and names them as a personal touch.

Students at Alice Drive Elementary in Sumter recommended the name "Palmetto." The students were impressed when they found a picture of the whale that looked like she had a palmetto outline on the back of her head.

Last year, 121 individual whales were spotted off South Carolina. Fewer than 400 right whales are known to exist."

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