Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aerial Survey- 17 January 2008

The aerial survey team departed the Chatham airport bright and early this morning, and headed eastbound. We flew thirteen tracklines east of Cape Cod Bay, approximately fifteen nautical miles offshore, in search of right whales. The weather was perfect for a survey, with low winds, great visibility, and enough cloud cover to keep the water’s surface free of glare from the sun. We saw quite a few humpback whales and got a really nice look at a fin whale. Fin whales have a very distinctive chevron pattern on the side of their body and the view from the air was quite a treat. We completed our survey and headed in without sighting any right whales. Even though we knew it was unlikely to find EGNO 2645 again today (the entangled right whale seen Saturday), we couldn’t help being a bit disappointed as the weather would have been ideal for a disentanglement attempt.

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